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Screen Enclosure Mobile Home Built for Minnesota


Increase your mobile home’s value AND your comfort level with a new custom-made screen enclosure for your mobile home. We have a style that’s will be perfect for your mobile home, and every mobile home screen porch is made with expert planning and design.  We build screen porches for park models and other larger scale projects as well.

High Quality Mobile Home Screen Porches

Our expert screen porch installers build beautiful screen rooms for every mobile home. Our screen enclosures for mobile homes are built with years of expertise and the highest quality of material built to sustain the elements. Contact us today to add instant value and usable space to your mobile home.

Apartment Screen Porches

Apartment Screen Porches

Apartment screen enclosures increase the attractiveness of any property, and attract more tenants to your complex. By creating more outdoor living space for your tenants and residents, you’re adding affordable, comfortable spaces and apartment hunters will be sure to notice! Our screen porches for apartments are built to sustain any of Minnesota‚Äôs harsh weather conditions, and are made strong, tough, and durable enough to survive the elements. If you need screen porches that are customized to fit your apartment complex, we can certainly provide that! Improving curb appeal is important for any apartment complex, and residents and prospective tenants alike will all appreciate this bonus feature.

The Best Value in Central MN

We specialize in large-scale apartment balcony screen porches and can assist with smaller projects as well. We will provide you with a customized quote on your apartment screen  porch project, and it’s also quick and free! Just fill the brief  contact form, or give us a call at 320-363-7445 and we will prepare a customized solution for you. Every apartment complex should have the absolute best quality screen enclosures to give their tenants a mosquito-free, usable outdoor space to enjoy with their families and visitors. We provide services throughout central and greater Minnesota, so contact us about your apartment screen enclosure project and we can help!

Screen Enclosures for Park Models & Mobile Homes

Park Model Screen Porches Enhance Living

Park Models are a popular choice for many homeowners, and their popularity is only growing. Including a lanai or a screen room enhances the appeal and living space of park models. They offer protection from the sun and the elements, and give people a great outdoor space to use and enjoy. When designing a screen enclosure for a park model, it’s important to know that your imagination is really the only limit – our screen enclosures for park models are fully, completely customized to your specifications – that means they can extend the full length of your home, or just a small porch edition – whatever your heart desires!

Free Quote on Park Model Screen Enclosures

Your new room can be raised or ground-level. Some people prefer the walk up the steps and have a slightly elevated feel, while other are fine with a floor level installation and prefer to save the extra money. It’s up to you! Some residents might prefer a back porch, front porch, a small patio, or even a huge family room – the experts at Screen Pro Screen Enclosures of MN can make it happen. We can send you a quick, free quote about your new project, so contact us today to learn more about a new screen enclosure for your park model!