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Apartment Balcony Screen Enclosures

Screen porches for apartment complexes are very popular for both porches and balconies. Tenants are attracted to the added comfort and luxury this extra usable space afford them. It also keeps away unwanted animals and critters, not to mention those Minnesota mosquiotes!

Screen Enclosure for Apartment Balconies and Large Complexes

Attract new tenants and increase value with screened in balconies for your apartment complex. Add square footage and create more usable living space – that’s safe for the entire family. Screens keep everyone IN by creating an additional barrier, making the area safer for pets and small children while keeping bugs, debris, and birds OUT. We stay up to date with all of Minnesota’s Building Codes & Regulations, and our durable screen enclosures are made with top quality materials that stay looking sharp through all of MN’s Harsh weather. Visit our Contact page or call us today to find out how little this upgrade can cost!

Reliable Construction for Screen Enclosures

It’s important to find a reliable builder for screen enclosure projects in Minnesota because we have a large variety of weather conditions to account for – rain, snow, ice, sleet, wind, and the list goes on. Screen Pro was the first company to bring screen enclosures to the area, and we are proud to say we’ve been serving Greater MN for over great 20 years.

That’s why we offer strong guarantees and quick service to ensure the integrity of our structures, and continue building trust in our community as the #1 screen enclosure builder for screen porches, screen patios, apartment balcony screens, and large-scale complexes. We also service businesses, clubhouses, restaurants, and anywhere that a usable, comfortable outdoor space is desired for guests and customers.

Apartment Balcony Screen Porches

Apartment Screen Enclosures for Balconies, Patios, & Porches

Every Minnesota resident wants to enjoy the precious few months of outdoor beauty our state has to offer. If you are developing or own an apartment complex, it’s likely you’ll want to provide tenants their own private outdoor space or even a large patio for outdoor events. Building screen porches for apartments is one of our specialties, and we are the Minnesota’s top choice for large-scale screen enclosure development projects.

Contact us today to get a free quote for screen enclosures on your large-scale development project. Our experts can answer your questions and help determine the best, customized solution for your apartment screen enclosure.